VIP course | Soft Nano Ombre Brows by Magdalena Mazurek

VIP course | Soft Nano Ombre Brows by Magdalena Mazurek


For 3 months you will receive individual help from your trainer. All your questions will be answered.


We will see each other three times live and practice together!
Price: 850.00 390.00

About course

This has not happened yet! Training with the individual assistance of an instructor. Such individual support and meetings with joint exercises is a unique offer on the market. This training will take your pigmentation to a whole new level.


This incredibly intensive training with me will provide you with great practical knowledge.


I will teach you how to work quickly and efficiently with amazing results. Are you ready?



the best healed effect after the first treatment

 colors will not change to red or blue shades - no more such colors!

 you will maximize the durability of your pigmentation

you will work much faster and more efficiently

About unique VIP SOFT NANO OMBRE technique course


An eyebrow pigmentation method, which is based on a powdered effect characterized by a soft and light approach to build color in the brow. Soft Nano Ombre Brows is a delicate array of dots designed for the lovers of a little stronger looking brow that still maintains a very natural effect. It is an absolute hit that will stay with you through the seasons.

Every detail counts when it comes to satisfying clients. Using Nano needles which creates natural look compared to old 1-liner or multi-needle cartridges which gives more opaque results when they are healed. Less trauma and kinder to the skin than traditional powder brows techniques.


My online PMU course will teach how to master the Soft Nano Ombre technique - the latest technique for eyebrows to heal faster and last longer!


Thanks to the special structure of the courses,

I have divided my knowledge into 3 modules:

- latex work
- working on a model

The whole material is packed with exercises, thanks to which you practice your newly acquired skills. Recorded video materials are of the highest K4 quality and view from many cameras, so you feel like you see me working live.



You'll learn how to create beautiful eyebrows very quickly and efficiently. The course will teach you outstanding techniques that will improve your skills and accelerate your PMU profession to the next level.



Sign up for the course today to get equipped with cutting edge knowledge in PMU and leverage the modern technology to advance your career.


This course is for already basically certified PMU ARTIST. It is recommended to take the basic course in permanent makeup before enrolling in this course. The training focuses on using the permanent makeup machine, teaching you several different techniques to enhance your brow game. I already know that you want to be in the prestigious group of PMU MASTERS and join my VIP care training.




The VIP course is limited and the places are very limited, buy it now so that you will not miss the opportunity.





Your course will be available for you up to 12 months after activation. It includes 22 intensive lessons and video exercises.
As a prestigious VIP package, it also provides 3 months of instructor support and 3 online meetings with joint latex exercises. New group starts on 1st of April.
If this version is too extended for you, be sure to check the silver version of the same course at a lower price HERE .




One of the best on-line course I had!
Hatice Simpson
A very comprehensive online lesson. Thanks to which my work has significantly shortened. I'm very grateful for the knowledge provided.
Anna Gray
Very useful information. Thanks to this course, I have great healing results.
Serena Gryg
This class is created for you by:

Magdalena Mazurek

As a creator of innovative artistic micro-pigmentation techniques, Mazurkova runs advanced training courses both at home in Poland and abroad, she is a speaker at the largest congresses in the world, such as the ASPMU in Sao Paulo. She teaches practically, quickly and intensively.