Anna Maria Finelli

Short bio

Anna Maria Finelli has been in the field of beauty care for over twenty years, and has been working with micropigmentation since 1991. She is an outstanding and experienced specialist in the Beauty industry.
Anna’s passion for the industry has steadily grown, helping her to realize that this sort of work goes far beyond a simple treatment for changes in one’s visual appearance. With the experience Anna has gained over the years, she has discovered that together with continued learning and the development of new techniques and tools, the opportunity to better understand her customers' needs and to fully realize their ‘hopes and desires’ is what she is actually capable of delivering on.

“When you first meet a person requiring a treatment: you create a trusting relationship between yourself and them, because of this that person feels safe and comfortable telling you what they desire”.

The passion for her job has aroused in Anna the desire to give clients something unique and precious that, through a well-executed treatment will enrich their souls. This special relationship that is created can be more intimate than an ordinary beauty care treatment, and that's exactly the philosophy that Anna Maria Finelli's Academy wants to convey through its training courses and programs.


Founded by Anna Maria Finelli, the Academy deals with professional training in the field of dermapigmentation. The extensive and highly structured training programs and courses are run by senior professionals who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the fields of beauty care, restoration and reconstruction.

Our strength lies in the fact our academy offers continuous support to all new operators, allowing them to work in a supportive environment where they can work with total confidence and professionalism.