Katarzyna Pawłowska

Short bio

She is an outstanding linergist with many years of experience. She specializes in the field of permanent makeup and medical pigmentation dermo.

She is a finalist of the International Permanent Makeup Championships Long Time Liner 2014 and 2015 and a finalist of the Polish Championships 2014. Founder, lecturer, and trainer at PERMANENT MAKE-UP ACADEMY KATARZYNA PAWŁOWSKA. She is the sole representative of the CLINITA brand in Poland and the owner of the Hebe Day Spa studio in Toruń.

My adventure with PMU has been going on for over a dozen years. It is a time of research and exercise. It has been and is a great journey in which not only shapes meets the color, but also wonderful and inspiring people who make it possible to see what is beyond the horizon. Successful pigmentation is the result of the synergy of many elements: our skills and knowledge, the repair connections we make of pigments, and those elements that connect everything together. Each of them is very important in itself, but their relationship to each other is even more important. This kind of interactive chain is conscious and effective pigmentation.

I am the founder, lecturer and trainer at PERMANENT MAKE-UP ACADEMY KATARZYNA PAWŁOWSKA, the exclusive representative of the CLINITA brand in Poland and the owner of Hebe Day Spa in Toruń.


During my work as a linergist, I have performed about several thousand aesthetic pigmentation procedures, I am also the creator of two proprietary aesthetic lip pigmentation techniques - OMBRE LIPS FLOWER EFFECT and SFUMATO LIPS, author of articles in the field of permanent makeup, juror of the PMU championship. I share my knowledge and experience with students during training and lectures I have conducted during symposia, industry conferences, not only in Poland but also abroad, including Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Latvia, Lithuania, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Russia, and Vietnam.

The training facility

Over 200 square meters that are stylish, functional and elegant have been transformed to create an environment where knowledge and experience will be gained. Permanent makeup is a craft that requires talent and knowledge, but also a top quality work space. This high-end training center consists of rooms fully equipped with the latest technology and equipment, the décor is beautiful and elegantly decorated with all the safety and utility equipment required as well as functional and spacious practicing and lecturing areas.

The entire space was designed by industry leaders who have over 10 years of experience, every square meter of this well thought out space have become a tool for gaining and achieving the most advanced techniques and knowledge. Education requires concentration and focus, so we have been mindful to create a rest area that is pleasant and comfortable for students to take a break, recharge, refresh and nourish themselves. Innovative design and ergonomics are important, but equally our interiors have been designed in mind for intimacy as well as comfort. We cater for smaller groups as well as there being an option for larger groups of around 10 people.

The medical spa is a high end establishment which is visited by many including famous big screen actors and top models who all expect a superior service. It provides a showcase for both private and business clients alike, as they can rent high class rooms that surpass international beauty industry standards.


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