Majken Villefrance

Short bio

Majken Villefrance is a certified cosmetologist specializing in advanced skin therapy, she is also an experienced artist who has been dealing with visage for 15 years, and permanent makeup for 8 years.
Majken has extensive knowledge in the field of morphology, face shapes, and aesthetic rules of arrangement and proportions of eyebrows on the face. Thanks to the acquired skills, she easily draws and measures the face and correctly places all lines and markings based on the aesthetic principles of morphology to obtain the perfect eyebrow shape.

Today Majken works as a make-up artist and trainer at his own company, Elite Scandinavia. She is a valued artist who has several celebrities among her clients and an almost 2-year waiting list for treatments. She also teaches regularly - mainly in the field of eyebrows, both shading and microblading, which are her specialty.

Majken is completely devoted to her craft. She is a perfectionist who meticulously meets the high requirements that she sets herself, which always translates into precision, diligence, accuracy, and excellent results for her clients.


Extensive knowledge of skin therapy, as well as traditional makeup artistry, has given Majken a huge advantage in her work as a permanent make-up artist, as she is able to quickly and accurately identify skin types and skin conditions. He can also identify skin diseases, skin functions, skin cell structure, and suitability for a given permanent makeup treatment.

In addition, Majken has a thorough understanding of the necessary hygiene protocols, microorganisms, bacteria, infectious viruses, and everything related to skin penetration.

This is extremely important in the field of permanent makeup as there is a very real risk of cross-contamination and infection if you are not extremely careful and scrupulous in following your hygiene protocols during treatments.

Majken has been the official distributor and trainer of Nouveau Contour in Denmark since 2012. Previously, she worked in a renowned plastic surgery clinic as an advanced dermatologist and make-up artist, where she performed an average of 15-20 permanent make-up treatments per week.