HD PRO 3-liner (5pcs)

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Creates soft, powdery brows, great for lining lips, and will create softer eyeliner than the #3 Liner. Extremely versatile needle, it can also be used for areola drawing and camouflage. The areas of application are Lip shading, Brow Foundation, Areola, and Scars.

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The Nouveau Pro Cartridges fit on the Nouveau pro handpiece and IQ handpiece. The cartridges offer less vibration and run extremely supple. The Enforced Retraction System pulls the needle out faster from the skin, which causes less skin trauma and it is far more comfortable for the client. This system also places more pigment in the skin. Thanks to its pre-formed fingertips you automatically hold the handpiece in the correct position while also preventing the handpiece from accidentally turning, which is of great importance when working with Flat, Slope of Magnum needle formations. The needles themselves are less smooth, so they will absorb more pigment from the pigment cup and bring more pigment into the skin.

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