1-nano tube SHARP | 10 pcs


Safe, patented permanent makeup cartridge 1-nano tube with a needle diameter of 0.25 mm; pixel 0.12 mm. The module is additionally reinforced with a stabilizing tube, which gives an unprecedented stability of the needle for the techniques requiring the highest precision.



Modern SHARP micropigmentation cartridges are made of the best quality steel and medical plastic. Customer safety is our priority, which is why we have excluded all allergenic materials from our products.

In addition, the needles are equipped with a safety membrane that prevents the backflow of body fluids and protects against cross-contamination.

1-nano tube - needle diameter 0.25 mm - pixel about 0.12 mm

Do you want to draw the finest, perfectly precise hairstrokes and create incredibly realistic eyebrows for your clients? Or do you need the perfect lip contour?
In that case, nano needles with an additional stabilizing tube are definitely for you.

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