Microblading Handpiece MASTERS

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This tool is almost weightless in your hand, it is easy to maneuver while creating delicate hair strokes.

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Professional feather for microblading with the feather or hairline method. Popularly known as a microblading pen, it allows you to correct the permanent one with incredible precision, which resembles natural, female eyebrows. The feather is stable, comfortable, and facilitates the work of the linergist.

Professional models of permanent makeup using the microblading method.
Device for performing manual (non-mechanical) make-up of the feathering method, popularly known as microblading pen.
The highest quality of the feather pen method ensures a simple bark response.


optimal balance of the product ensures the convenience of applying makeup
the rough metal tip allows the device to be held in a stable position
the device is made of quality materials
simple maintenance, the product is easy to clean and disinfect
elegant, modern design
A special microblading pen with an ergonomic, hand-adapted, simple, and comfortable adjustment for perfect permanent makeup.

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