1. How do I purchase the course content? Click the register button below the chosen course description and fill your details to make payment for your selected course. After registration, we will request you to send certification of basic courses on permanent makeup you’ve completed in the past. The certificate is checked and verified within 24 hours, after which you will be required to sign a contract with us. After those steps, you will proceed to purchase your chosen course.  
  2. My certifications have been accepted. How do I make a purchase to start the course? Once your basic permanent makeup certificates are accepted and you’re approved to proceed, click the register button below each course to make payment. It will take you to check-out form where you can make a payment that is applicable to the chosen course and sign the contract with us.
  3. What is your refunding policy? We offer comprehensive content for all of our online courses. We guarantee our PMU courses will meet the expectations set out in the course description. We deliver only valuable content to our students. We don’t have refunds once you have started the first lesson. So, you need to think twice before you buy and ensure you make a purchase for the courses for the only courses you need. 
  4. What is the Pre-requisite for taking advanced courses?We require you to send the basic certificate of the courses you have completed in the past. It is required because before you can take advanced courses in PMU, it is required that you must have mastered the basic courses.
  5. Are the Permanent Makeup courses thorough and audio-visual? Yes. The courses are not only thorough but also audio-visual. You can follow the Instructors as they guide you through all the processes, leaving no stone unturned. You will get a chance to see all the procedures laid out clearly.
  6. Do I get a step-by-step video guide? Yes. Where necessary, you will get step by step video guide that provides detailed instructions you can follow to get the desired results. Follow the steps in each course to learn the right techniques and steps to take at any given time. This step-by-step guide will help you feel empowered when it comes to new PMU techniques in vogue.
  7. How long does the course take? The duration for each course varies and depends on each individual. You can learn at your own pace but it is highly recommended you complete the course on schedule as laid down by the instructors.
  8. My course is not active still what should I do? If you are a registered student but your dashboard is saying inactive, it might be that you are yet to register for any courses or the certificates you sent are still under review. Your course will not be active if the certificates you sent are not accepted yet. If you have made payment for a course and you're still experiencing the same thing, kindly exercise patience or send a message to the support. 
  9. I want to have a printed certificate how can I receive it? Yes, we issue certificates for interested students who have satisfactorily completed a course and you'll pay just 30 Euros for printing and shipping.
  10. Do I need to have an esthetician license to undergo the courses? No, you don't need to have an esthetician license before you can undergo any of the courses.