NANO needles: new innovative technique in PMU industry

Permanent cosmetics or makeup is a balanced way of enhancing the natural beauty of your clients. As a PMU Master, your passion is to restore the face and body your client once had, and reverse the effects of time, illness, surgery, or medicine. Learning how to use improved, comfortable and safe cosmetic treatments empower you with confidence and freedom. To help your clients achieve their desired appearance, you need to master advanced procedures and techniques that are only performed by licensed, insured, artistic, permanent makeup professionals. 

One of the new innovations and phenomenon for artists in the permanent make-up industry is the use of all kind of very tiny needles such as Micro, Point and Nano needles. The latter ones are the smallest!

What are those Nano needles?

Nano needle is currently the most innovative, technologically advanced permanent makeup tool for imitating fine strokes for permanent makeup eyebrow procedure. It is 0.13-0.18 in diameter. Not only it is a very fine needle but the taper which is the cutting edge of the needle is long, thus enabling to apply pigment with precision.

Nano needle has been brought on the market to make it possible to achieve very fine lines on the skin to imitate fine hair strokes. One needs to know how to adjust the parameters of the machine and the needle length to achieve optimum results.

Nano needle needs expertise and patience to work with. Artist needs to know how to implant the pigment with great precision to the correct layer of the skin without causing trauma to the skin.

Can Nano needles be used on any skin type?

Yes, it can be used on any skin type, considering the permanent makeup specialist knows how different skin types react and implant the pigment accordingly.

How does the fine hair stroke heal with the Nano needle?

The healed results will depend entirely on the skin type, considering the specialist have done everything correct while implanting the pigment. While we can achieve very fine hair strokes on some skin types like young, dry with tight pores, the lines may heal to a powder effect on other skin types like very oily with big pores, for example. The permanent makeup specialist should know what the outcome will be and consult the client accordingly. Nano needle has been in use ever since it has come on the market and it is important for PMU artists to learn how to use the Nano needle if truly they want to spice off their career with this unique permanent makeup innovation.

The use of Nano is probably a matter of being more professional with it and can also be a matter of preference. You can love the Nano or hate it – one thing is for sure – you cannot ignore it! Nano needle is a new technique in the field of semi-permanent make-up that you cannot afford to brush aside. With this technique, you can immediately get an amazing result that may not be otherwise possible.

PMU is the new trend in beauty industry


PMU will give your clients the luxury of not having to apply conventional makeup daily. Gone are the days of the old style permanent makeup. Hence, it is important to harness latest technology in permanent makeup like Nano needles; there are many techniques out there you can use to satisfy your clients' whims and caprices. It only calls for being well informed in the most advanced technology in permanent makeup. 

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