The PMU MASTERS brand creates unique cosmetics for salon and home care after micropigmentation.

The OVA line was created by enthusiasts of the beauty industry and permanent makeup with many years of experience. Its creator is Magdalena Mazurek - a linergist with 14 years of experience, award-winning International Master in permanent makeup. The brand was developed in cooperation with Paweł Pawłowski, for 20 years associated with the beauty industry, passionate about chemistry and quantum physics.

The brand is made in Poland from start to finish.

Cosmetics after permanent makeup for professionals

Innovative - undoubtedly much needed - cosmetics for skin care during and after micropigmentation, created on the basis of many years of cosmetological and chemical experience.

An unusual ingredient of creams after permanent makeup

The PMU Masters brand noticed the amazing nurturing and soothing properties of Tamanu Oil. It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antibacterial properties, and also activates the regeneration of the product. In medicine many cases of eczema, dermatoses, chronic devices or difficult-to-heal wounds was cured with Tamanu Oil. In the laboratory, we intensified the form - the original ingredient, we called it An’Tamanu™ , now it is the basic ingredient in PMU Masters brand.
Each of the PMU Masters products is hypoallergenic, advances into a disposable sachet, and therefore has an antiseptic effect. The preparations worked great with the skin after permanent makeup. The programs are for care, lips, skin, scalp, nipple, and for medical and medical micropigmentation. In addition, they accelerate regeneration, support healing and relax it, strengthen it, strengthen and moisturize.

A soothing trio after micropigmentation

The task of an artist in permanent makeup is not only to make it perfectly, but also to provide the client with knowledge about post-treatment care. For this purpose, the following three cosmetics will be perfect.

Moisturizing wipes soothe the skin after permanent makeup

Moisturizing and cleansing wipes from An’tamanu™ by PMU Masters care for the skin during the pigmentation treatment, they are also indispensable in home care after the treatment. Selectively selected ingredients mean that they can be successfully used for all skin types. They soothe irritations, strengthen, gently cleanse and improve hydration and its elasticity.

Lip care butter after micropigmentation

An’tamanu™ shiny lip butter by PMU Masters is a soothing balm that softens, moisturizes, regenerates and soothes the skin after the treatment. Its formula combines the caring properties of collagen, elastin, natural oils and vitamins. Butter protects irritated skin, eliminates discomfort, soothes inflammation and stimulates skin regeneration processes and protects against infections. The lip butter can be applied directly to the wound. It gives shine and is perfect for photos after permanent makeup.

Body lotion after permanent makeup

An’tamanu™ PMU Masters body butter is perfect for micropigmentation treatments on the skin of the face and body. It makes the skin moisturized and more absorbent and facilitates the uniform distribution of pigments under the skin without disturbing its structure. It improves the quality of work and shortens the time of micropigmentation. Carefully selected active ingredients in the form of nourishing butters and vegetable oils with a moisturizing and moisturizing effect ensure careful care. They make it easier for the skin subjected to permanent makeup treatments to regain balance and accelerate healing. The butter expressly regenerates and works aseptically, and also has a natural SPF 15 filter, which additionally protects against sun rays.

Additionally, there are different post-treatment procedures for each skin type. There are specially designed post-treatment cards that you can give to your client for easier post-treatment communication.

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