Agnieszka Zapała

Short bio

“Work is my passion - I want to inspire you with this passion.” Agnieszka is founder of the Naturalny Permanentny brand and Mikro Hair - the first professional scalp micropigmentation clinic in Poland. She is also initiator of the Awareness Butterflies project, a project which helps women after mastectomy.

With a long and involved career in many areas of the beauty industry, Agnieszka has been running her own training academy since 2009. She has been involved with permanent makeup for several years, is an experienced linergist, a professional trainer with a wealth of work experience and time spent changing peoples lives. Her students have successfully gone on to run their own linergist practices. She is an international coach, speaker of symposia, runs seminars and speaks in conferences both in Poland and internationally. Agnieszka has also been invited to be a Juror on a number of permanent makeup championship meets and is author of numerous articles on micropigmentation in thematic portals as well as in the trade press, both in Polish and translated into other foreign languages.

“Work is my passion. It’s my goal to inspire you with this same passion and show you just how many development opportunities scalp micropigmentation offers. On my training courses, I share with my students everything I have learned from my many years in this and the wider industry. I always endeavor to do this with determination, care, an eye for detail and a totally focused committment to each and every student”.

“That commitment extends long after the training is over. I keep helping my students and try to keep in touch with them after their training because ongoing support is very important, especially at the beginning of a cosmetic career. One of the biggest rewards of the relationship I have with my students, is seeing the continued progress of their work. What is also heartening and very rewarding is that most often many of my students return to our company for further training. This is a positive reminder to us that we are delivering a very high standard of training and just as importantly - that they trust us. It also demonstrates their willingness and commitment to continued education”.

I am convinced that in the coming years scalp micropigmentation will gain more and more exposure and become much more commonly known around the world . For those who care about others and want to start a scalp micropigmentation career or add to their existing cosmetic skills – excellent training is out there. That’s what we provide. As SMP becomes more popular, our courses are becoming very sought after. What we teach is responsible, ethical and professional work practices. Nowadays what we see as being important is: your dedication, your hands-on practical work and the professionalism you display at all times – it’s all about passion and committment.

Today more and more people are looking for professional SMP clinics who meet the highest of standards - places where they know they can trust the qualified technicians to perform scalp micropigmentation because they have been highly trained and are specialized in this field.
My goal is to build a strong group of graduates from the Mikro Hair Academy so that Clients know they will be getting micropigmentation treatments from the best specialists and will receive the highest quality of service.

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